Children are a gift from the Lord

We welcome you to the nursery of Front Range Baptist Church! We thank God for each baby and toddler placed in our care, and we understand the trust that you place in the nursery when you bring your child to us.

The purpose of the FRBC nursery is to provide a safe, nurturing, Christ-honoring place for infants and children through three years old and to promote a distraction-free worship service environment. Our nursery is available Sunday morning during the 9:45 Sunday School hour and the 11:00 AM worship service, as well as our Wednesday, mid-week service at 7:00 PM.

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We value your child's safety as our top priority! You can rest assured that our facilities, volunteers, cleanliness, safety, and security measures are nothing less than of the highest importance for our nursery.

Electronic check-in system

  • On your first visit, we will take a few minutes to enter your information. On future visits, you can quickly print your child’s name labels by entering your phone number at the check-in station.
  • Name tag labels for your child allow us to readily identify your child’s name, any allergies, and your phone number if we need to reach you.  
  • The claim ticket you will receive identifies you or another adult that you give the ticket to as authorized to collect your child. Older children may not collect an infant or toddler from the nursery.

Nursery access

  • Only authorized personnel and checked-in children are permitted in the nurseries.
  • To protect children in the nursery, doors to the nursery wing are locked during services.  
  • If you arrive late, need to collect your child early, or are texted to come to the nursery, press the doorbell and wait for a worker to let you in.

Nursery staff

  • All nursery workers wear name tag labels.  Our workers are members of FRBC, are background checked, and have been approved to serve by pastoral leadership.
  • The nursery director and several of our workers are CPR/first aid certified.
  • We schedule enough staff to maintain a low staff-to-child ratio to ensure adequate supervision and personal attention for each child.
  • At least two adult workers (and more as needed) will be present at all times when the nursery is open.

Nursery environment

Age/Stage care

We have infant (newborn through 17 months) and toddler (18 months through 3 years) zones. Sturdy walkers may join the toddler zone earlier than 18 months old.

A private nursing room is available next to the infant nursery. We teach age-appropriate Biblical lessons in the Sunday school hour and encourage developmentally appropriate behaviors in all nursery shifts (ex: sharing, kindness).

“Puff” snacks are available to infants if authorized by parents. Nut-free snacks and water are provided to toddlers. You may bring bottles for infants or snacks for toddlers (because of an allergy). We are not able to offer spoon feeding for infants.

Infant-safe toys, books, puzzles, play equipment, swings, and cribs are provided for infants.

Toys, puzzles, books, and play stations (kitchen, train table, soft building blocks, and more) are available for toddlers.

Health and cleanliness

Furniture, play equipment, toys, and surfaces are sanitized after use.

Workers and children with symptoms of illness are asked to not come to the nursery.  

Only adult female workers change diapers and help potty-training toddlers.  Workers wear clean gloves and sanitize diapering stations after each use. We can apply rash cream if provided in your child’s bag.

We do not give medication (ex: Tylenol) to children.

What to bring

  • If your child wears diapers, bring a diaper bag with two or three spare diapers or pull-ups.
  • Pack a change of clothing in case of diaper leaks or potty-training accidents.
  • Bottle or sippy cup 
  • Pacifier

What   to Expect

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child cries and needs me?

It is common for young children to cry when separated from a parent. We will do our best to make your child feel safe and find fun or comforting activities. Most children cry only a short amount of time and soon enjoy the play time. If we cannot calm your child after a short time, we will text you for suggestions or ask you to come. If your child becomes unhappy during her stay and cannot be calmed in a short time, we will contact you.

If my child does not want to leave me, can I stay in the nursery with him? Or, can his older sibling stay with him?

For the safety of children in our care, only authorized personnel and nursery-age children may stay in the nursery.  

When does the nursery open? Is there time for me to run an errand before I pick up my child?

The nursery opens 15 minutes before a service begins. Please promptly collect your child after the service ends. The nursery ministry is provided for those attending services and remaining on site. 

Where can I nurse my infant?

A private nursing room is located next to the infant nursery.

My child feels happier with her favorite stuffed animal. Can she bring her toy to the nursery?

Unfortunately, plush toys are hard to sanitize and may be a source of germs and squabbles with other young children. Please leave the favorite toy at home or in the car.

I have questions. Who can I contact?

You may contact the church office at (970) 223-5757 or the nursery director at