MARCH 11, 2018

As I write, I am in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’ve been preaching for the past several days to missionaries from all over Southeast Asia and our time together has been wonderful. In fact, there have been absolutely no disappointments…well, no disappointments except one. There is a small lake visible from my room. As I have looked out the window, I have seen what I thought was an alligator swimming just under the surface of the water. However, upon asking some of the locals if there were crocodiles in the lake, I found out these large animals are actually Asian water monitors – a very large lizard that resembles a crocodile. So, today, I decided to try to get one on camera. I walked along the lake, for quite some time, and finally saw one crawl up on shore. I immediately took out my phone and began to video. I was very excited and knew I had some great footage. I had filmed the large reptile as it crawled around and then returned to the lake and swam off. I stopped the video, or thought I stopped my video, only to learn I never started it in the first place! I was very disappointed! After all my watching, walking, and finally coming across a creature to film, there was nothing to show.

I wonder how many will give themselves to something in this life, assuming they will actually have something to show for it. However, when it’s all said and done, they discover there is nothing there. They have given themselves to wood, hay, and stubble, rather than something that will actually last, like gold, silver, and precious stones. As long as God has given us life to live, may we give it to something that matters, and instead of nothing, have something to show for it when it truly is all said and done.

– Dr. Jeff Redlin