APRIL 1, 2018

British minister W.E. Sangster contracted an incurable disease that slowly caused his muscles to waste away, his voice to fail, and the inability to swallow. He continued in ministry right up until the point where his voice had gone and he could barely hold a pen. On Easter morning, just a few weeks before he died, he wrote a letter to his daughter that included these words:

“It is terrible to wake up Easter morning and have no voice with which to shout ‘He is risen!’ – but it would be still more terrible to have a voice and not want to shout.”

Today, as followers of Jesus Christ, we can boldly proclaim to one another, just as the first century Christians, “He is risen! He is risen, indeed!” Easter is a celebration of the most significant event that has ever occurred in the history of mankind – the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ’s resurrection made it possible for you and me to have unrestricted access into the very presence God – which was formerly forbidden. Not just as approved guests, but as adopted children. For all who have “entered in” to fellowship with God through Jesus Christ, we have a message that cannot be contained. What a privilege it is to shout “He is risen!” 

The Psalmist said, Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD (Psalms 150:6). As long as you have breath, let your voice be heard with shouts of “He is risen! Yes, He is risen, indeed!”

– Dr. Jeff Redlin