January 21, 2018

How often have you been thankful, looking back, that God actually did not answer your prayer. W. E. Beiderwolf once wrote:

“If Hannah’s prayer for a son had been answered at the time she set for herself, the nation might never have known the mighty man of God it found in Samuel. Hannah wanted only a son, but God wanted more…Someone said that ‘God had to get [Hannah] before He could get [Samuel].’ The woman He got in Hannah precisely by those weeks and months and years there came a woman with a vision like God’s…prepared to be the kind of mother for the kind of man God knew the nation needed.”

We quickly make assumptions regarding what is best, when it should happen, and why God should answer now. Yet, looking back, we can see, had God answered the way we wanted, He would have done so in a way that was inferior to His perfect (and timely) plan.

Looking back over her life, I suppose Samuel’s mother, Hannah, may have been as thankful for her unanswered prayers as she was for the ones God answered. Take time to thank God – even for unanswered prayers.

~ Dr. Jeff Redlin

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