This class, taught by our pastor, covers the “Foundations” of our faith.  It is a great opportunity to explore the unchanging, foundational truths of God’s Word, or to refresh your understanding of these compelling, practical truths.  This twelve-week study is recommended for all newcomers to FRBC.
Taught by a seasoned student of the Word, the Berean class “searches the Scripture” in an expository style and explores the depths of God’s Word.  This adult Bible study is attended by many of our senior saints and is open to adults of any age.
One of the larger FRBC adult classes, this Bible study highlights a variety of books of the Bible, books about the Bible, and relevant topics. Its open format allows for lively interaction and Biblical instruction.
As it’s name implies, this class focuses on discovering how the absolutes of Scripture remain relevant in a challenging world.  The practical application and personal interaction make this an engaging class.
The goal of this class is to build and strengthen the faith of believers. Through a variety of methods (video, books, interaction), the believer is challenged to increase in faith.
The In Harmony class is an Adult Bible Study designed to help us walk In Harmony with our Savior and with the principles of His Word.  Every believer faces challenges and trials, but God has a plan for us to live In Harmony with Him.  Come join us as we grow together!  The class is specifically designed for people between the ages of 30 to 45.
Primarily designed for couples and singles in their 20’s, this class strengthens both the faith and the family. Teaching that focuses on learning and living truth enables practical application for living together in community as God intends.
Those in the college and career group can find many opportunities to serve and grow together.  A special Sunday Bible study meets weekly at 9:00 specifically for this age group.  Periodic activities are also planned that provide opportunities for fellowship, food, and plenty of fun.